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to the South Carolina Association of Counties' (SCAC) website for debt collection services.  SCAC has been assisting counties and other public entities with debt collection since 1992 through the Setoff Debt Collection Program and the Government Enterprise Accounts Receivable (GEAR) Program.  These programs are free to participating entities and any State or local public entity, or special purpose district can participate.   For an overview of the programs, please visit the About Setoff and the About GEAR pages.   For more information or questions, please contact us.

For questions or more information on how you can participate in the Setoff Debt or GEAR programs, please contact Melinda at the SCAC Office at 803-252-7255.



   Let SCAC assist you
   in collecting money
   for debts that may
   otherwise go
   uncollected through
   the Setoff Debt
   Collection Program
   and the GEAR
   Collection Program. 

(Click here to view more
    information about Setoff
    Debt and GEAR.)



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